Outside-Store Front & Restaurants
Examples such as Ruby Tuesdays, Chili's, Olive Garden, , Outback, , etc....
Drive Thrus, Store Fronts, Walkways and Dumpster Areas
Average $175 per monthly service.
Dumpster Pads
Single Dumpster and pad $ 55.00.
Double Dumpster and pad $ 85.00.
Includes degreasing and Dumpster wash as well.
Strip Malls / Shopping Centers

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Pricing is based solely on the GLA .01 cents or less per square foot per cleaning (without the use of any lift equipment).
(Must clean at least 2 times a year (bi-annual) for this special pricing).

Parking Garages
Multi-level Garages (without the use of any lift equipment).
.03 TO .05 cents per square foot.
* Prices include Cleaning and De-greasing ALL areas. 
Parking Lots
.03 TO .05 cents per square foot (Average).
Gum removal may be extra depending on the amount of gum deposits.
Building Washing
.05 to .10 cents per square foot (without the use of any lift equipment).
Parking Spaces - Concrete
$7.00 per space.
Fast Food Drive Ways and Side Walks
Examples such as: McDonalds , Wendys, Arby's,         $175 per service.